Australia in December

Australia is one of the world’s largest island and has some really incredible sights to discover here. You can go on exciting adventures, relax on the gorgeous beaches or party at the city’s hot spots. One minute, you could be exploring the magnificent national parks here and the next minute you could be visiting some fabulous island.

But, make sure that you check out a few Australia tour packages before selecting the perfect one for yourself. Also, make sure that you avoid visiting Australia in December as it can be really hot and humid at some places over here. But if you don’t mind a little heat, then you might find good cheap Australia tour packages at this time.

Best Time to Visit Australia

Depending upon your interests and budget, there are different suitable times to visit Australia. If you want to relax on the beaches and take a dip in the ocean then you should visit Australia in December, January or February. This is a great time for outdoor and hiking adventures but it will be hot so, be prepared.

If you don’t want to burn down in the heat then you can visit during the Spring season i.e., September to November, and Autumn season i.e., March to May. The weather is pleasant at this time which makes it perfect for evening night strolls.

Best Places to Visit in Australia in December

Here are a few places that you should definitely visit in Australia in December to enjoy your vacation here:


This is popularly known as the cultural capital of Australia so, you have a lot of art galleries, museums, etc. to visit here. It is also known for its lively music scene so a lot of people flock to this huge city to take in the culture.


One of the best places to visit in Australia in December is Sydney as it looks lovely at this time and the festive celebrations make it a popular Summer destination. The harbor city becomes quite lively due to the Christmas celebrations and it becomes wonderful to explore the places here.

From the beautifully decorated Swarovski tree to the popular carols being sung in the concerts, Christmas in Sydney is something extraordinary and must not be missed out on.


A beautiful year-round destination in Australia, Brisbane has an amazing climate for outdoor activities and has several popular beaches lining nearby too. You can go hiking, biking, climbing, etc. here for a slight adrenaline rush.
Or you can enjoy its vibrant music scene and enjoy some really marvelous shows on your trip here.


Another amazing place that you should definitely visit in Summers is Tasmania which is lined with beautiful beaches and has some gorgeous waterfalls and forests interspersed here. One can take a boat trip to this island and can even watch penguins, seals, dolphins, etc. on the way.

That’s not all though, this island holds several amazing festivals throughout the year where you can party while enjoying their local beer.

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