Chamarel Village The seven coloured earth

The seven seas, the seven continents, the seven wonders and then this – the seven coloured earth found found in the Chamarel plain in the south- Western Mauritius, is truly a sight to behold.  The differently coloured sands settled in different layers seen over dunes paint a surrealistic picture. Chamarel is located south of Port Louis and is a 90-minute drive from there.

The formation is due to the volcanic eruptions on the island millions of years ago led to the formation basalt gullies. The decomposition of these gullies in to clay and then further reaction to water led to the iron and aluminium to come through like Van Gogh painting.

For an entrance fee of 200 MUR (roughly 450 INR), you can see this lovely dance between time and nature. You can also visit the many curio shops around the park to buy a test tube of this multi coloured wonder.

While visiting Chamarel, you must also visit the Chamarel water falls. The nearly 100 metre water falls from a cliff is majestic. For the strong hearted, you can also rapple down from the top of the water falls to the oval shaped pool below.

Post your visit to the dunes and the water falls, you could visit the pretty St. Anne church built in the late 19th century. The family restaurants in this typical Mauritian village is well worth the detour. The drive back from Chamarel to Baie du Cap would be the cherry on top of this superb day.

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