Disneyland Hong Kong Package Tour

Hong Kong Disneyland should always be on your bucket list when you are visiting the city. Hong Kong in December is a merrier time to visit Disneyland. There are celebrations that usually start from mid-November till New Year. During this season every nook and corner of the park is decorated that gives the magical Christmas vibe. Disneyland Hong Kong package tour to this amazing land is full of sparkling lights, fluffy snow, and glittery ornaments.

When you enter this magnificent theme park, you can witness the spectacular Christmas tree that welcomes you to the wonderland. The Christmas celebration includes fests and parades with Mickey and Minnie Mouse as well as the entire gang all dressed up partying and singing carols. During this season when you are roaming around Disneyland, you might even get to see popular Disney characters all dressed in their favourite Christmas attire ready to dazzle up the street. It will simply give the feeling that you have stepped into a fairytale world. You can also take part in the festive parade. However, the theme varies from year to year. Keep the camera ready to capture some of the wonderful moments in Hong Kong Disneyland during this season.

The best part of Christmas is the food. You can satiate your cravings with mouth-watering dishes that are indeed irresistible. You can drop by the Corner Cafe on the Main Street and immerse in pure indulgence. If you want to have dessert, just head over to the Railroad for an exotic dessert party. There are a variety of desserts including Christmas cookies, log cakes and pudding; this is the ultimate treat for your sweet tooth. Christmas cannot be complete without adorable gifts and presents. You can pick up the perfect gifts ranging from pretty dressing gowns, Christmas decorative items to your favourite Christmas collectable and spread the joy of the season with your loved ones.

A trip to the Disneyland will leave you spellbound and overflow you with joy and fun. You can always share this incredible experience with people back home. Send a postcard at Santa Goofy’s Post Office and spread the spirit of Christmas. Your message will reach to your special ones with a unique postmark.

If you are an adventurous soul, you must visit Mystic Point and Grizzly Gulch. The former is set in an enchanting jungle and you get to witness the Mystic Manor. The latter will take you to an age-old gold mining town where you can see an old town jail and geyser springs. These featured lands will definitely take you on an adventure during the Christmas time.

At night, the look of the Disneyland will surely enthral you with all the lights lit up. It starts with the Christmas tree lighting all the way to the castle. Disneyland Hong Kong package tour is for the entire family so that all of you can immerse in the magic of this fairyland. Simply plan a holiday to Hong Kong in December and enjoy to your heart’s content.


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