Dubrovnik walking tour in December

The best way to explore the charm of Dubrovnik is by engaging in a walking tour. The harsh sunshine, scorching heat as well as the endless crowd makes it really difficult to walk around the city in the summer months. Thus, planning a trip to Dubrovnik in December is the ideal way to immerse in its unique flavour. The weather is pleasant, places are less crowded and the city of Dubrovnik becomes breathable. The attractions are located at a walkable distance and if enjoy strolling through the cobbled stone street, Dubrovnik walking tour is for you. Here is a list of prominent attractions that you must visit in order to get the best travel experience in this Croatian city.

City walls walking tour

The entire city of Dubrovnik is the UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the Christmas month of December, the Old Town is beautifully decorated with thousands of sparkling lights which look no less than a fairyland. The medieval walls around the entire city are a sight to behold. Walking along these walls will let you discover the beauty of Dubrovnik from a considerable height. It is a must-do activity when you are in this stunning city.

Game of Thrones tour

A Game of Thrones walking tour is a must for every GOT fan. It is recommended to take a tour guide who will take you to the exact spots where the filming took place. During this tour, you would get to witness the major landmarks namely the magnificent Rector Palace, Fort Lovrijenac, Pile Bay where different scenes of the show have been shot.

Ethnographic Museum

Ethnographic Museum is the home to the traditional Croatian art, jewellery, pottery etc. Exhibitions are conducted in the museum which reveals the cultural change that has taken place through the years. The stone built winding corridors of the museum will give you a feeling that you have entered a spectacular monument.

Dubrovnik Winter Festival

Visiting Dubrovnik in December lets you indulge in the winter carnival. Though it is not as popular as its summer counterpart, the festival is worth experiencing. Dubrovnik winter festival will make you believe that this city never sleeps, not even in the chilly winter. Wonderful events and fantastic attractions are what this carnival is all about. A fairy tale vibe in a distant land is truly amazing and will give you an out of the world happiness.

St.Blaise Church

Dubrovnik is the home to many of the ancient churches. The most popular among all is the St. Blaise Church. This architectural splendour in Baroque style is named after the famous saint of Dubrovnik. The church shines in all its glory and has an all-new setting during the Christmas month.

Dubrovnik is a photographer’s paradise and its beauty cannot be fully appreciated during the summer. Thus engaging in Dubrovnik walking tour during the winter month is indeed an experience of a lifetime. If this article is giving you major travel goals, go plan a trip to Dubrovnik in December right away!

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