Eiffel Tower tour

The Eiffel Tower tour is definitely one of the highlights of the Paris sightseeing tour. It is one of the most recognisable structures in the world. It is an icon of Paris and can’t be missed while walking around anywhere in the city especially in the evenings when it is lit up.

The Eiffel tower was constructed to be the centrepiece of the World Trade Fair in the year 1889. It was named after the engineer who was the mastermind of the construction – Gustav Eiffel. Although it is such a loved and identifiable part of Paris today, it was widely criticised by the artistically inclined public of Paris, when it was being constructed.

The tower itself stands at a height of 324 metres with three levels all accessible through lifts although the first two levels can be accessed by stairs too. The highest platform open to the public is at a height of 276 metres from where you can see almost all of Paris. The Eiffel tower tour is definitely one of the most romantic aspects of the Paris tour. If you are fortunate enough to be in Paris on New Year’s eve or Bastille Day, keep an eye on the Eiffel tower as it is the focus of the celebrations.

On the Eiffel tower tour, you can enjoy the lovely lawns around the base of the tower where you will see people lounging around and children playing. You will find hawkers selling all kinds of Paris souvenirs (be sure to bargain with them).  A small walk from the Eiffel will lead you to the banks of the Seine. There are carousels and other rides for kids to enjoy. You can also take the Seine River cruise from here. 

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