Fraser island tours

One of the world’s largest sand islands is located in Australia and it would be a pity to not visit this place when planning a trip to Australia. Fraser Island stretches over 120 km and is home to some amazing panoramic viewpoints like Indian Head, Cathedrals, and so on.

It is the perfect spot for all the camping enthusiasts and also has some amazing beaches and swimming spots at a few freshwater pools. And you can avail Fraser island tours throughout the year as Summers are pleasant and Winters are not too cold so, do make sure that you include this place in your next Australian vacation.

When to Visit Fraser Island?

Fraser Island is a year-round destination so you can travel here any time you want. Australia in January is usually hot but Fraser Island reaches a maximum of 30 degrees Celsius so, the climate is hot and humid but you have pleasant sea breezes blowing.

In winters, Fraser Island is the driest and the temperatures reach a maximum of 22 degrees Celsius so you can plan a trip too. However, try to avoid the wet season as you might not see a lot of sunshine which would spoil the fun of hanging out on the beaches here.

So, if you plan to visit Australia in December, January, or February, you can still go to Fraser Island and make your trip more memorable.

Best Places to Visit on Fraser Island Tours

Here are a few places that you should definitely visit on the Fraser Island tours for a diverse experience.

75 Mile Beach

As the name suggests, this 75-mile long beach definitely makes a good addition to your Fraser island tour. However, avoid going in the water here because the waves are quite powerful and there are chances that you might encounter sharks, jellyfishes, etc. here.

SS Maheno Shipwreck

When you visit the 75 mile beach, you will also come across the remnants of a naval ship which is one of the most popular spots here. This amazing former naval ship got stuck here in 1935 while going from Melbourne to Japan and has now become this island’s biggest attraction.

The Pinnacles

Similar to Western Australia’s spiky limestone formation, you can find colorful sand cliffs on the eastern coastline of the Fraser Island. Due to minerals leaching on the sand, there are different shades of red and yellow which makes up the Pinnacles and is definitely something to look out for when visiting Fraser Island.

Valley of the Giants

Here, you will come across the two largest trees available on the Fraser Island, which are the Giant Tallowwood and the Giant Satinay. This is possibly the only place in the world where you will find a natural rainforest growing in the sand which is 200 meters above sea level.

Lake Mckenzie

A popular swimming hole formed by rainwater depression is Lake Mackenzie. This lake is situated inside the Great Sandy National Park and is 1-km long. Here, you can get away for a relaxed swimming and camping time.

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