Goa is the ultimate holiday destination in India”. Here is everything you need to know about the state before taking up a Goa holiday package.

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Goa Holiday Packages

Ask an Indian ‘which is the best holiday destination in india?’ and their answer will be “Goa is the ultimate holiday destination in India”. From insane rave parties to blissful yoga retreats, this tiny Indian state has a lot to offer to those seeing an respite from their hectic schedules. Along it’s long stretch of konkan coast, Goa is blessed with amazing beaches. With cafes and restaurants that play hide and seek on the palm-lined beaches to thrilling water sports, Goa makes sure that your beach vacation is well taken care of. People are tempted to choose Goa holiday packages to get a complete experience of  the state. Be it Goa’s enticing history or the tantalizing cuisine, this state has been the go to holiday destination for the indians for the longest of time. Here is everything you need to know about the state before taking up a Goa holiday package.

Tucked between Karnataka and Maharashtra along it’s northern, eastern and southern borders, Goa opens up to the Arabian Sea in it’s western coast. The state is divided into two parts; North Goa and South Goa. While  North Goa has perfect beaches for party animals, South Goa’ beaches are quiet and serene. Whether you are looking for a family holiday packages in Goa or planning your honeymoon/ romantic getaway in Goa or maybe just an adventurous holiday in Goa with your friends, you’ll find umpteen things to fascinate you. The people of Goa add to its charm, known to be some of the coolest and hospitable people.

Top things to do in Goa

  1. Beaches

With numerous palm lined beaches lining it’s coast, Goa has a beach for everyone kind of traveller. From happening beaches to blissfully quiet beaches and everything in between allows you to choose from a wide range of beaches. Here is a list of beaches you can choose from when you take your Goa Holiday package.  







Dona Paula






2. Rave parties

Goa has earned the nickname “Las vegas of India” thanks to it reputation be being a wild party hub of the nation. Equipped with best Djs, numerous nightclubs have sprouted up all over the state making sure you have your share of party time.

Read more about which are the best places to experience rave parties in Goa.

3. Relish the cuisine

Goan Cuisine is a mix of Portuguese, Arabian and Konkan influences, making it quiet exotic and unique in India. Seafood dominates the goan cuisine making Goan Fish Curry, Xacuti and Prawn Balchao the most popular food in the state. One must have dish in goa, especially by those who have a sweet tooth is the Bebinca. There are some dishes like Vada fritters where the goans have given their twist to the local dishes of its neighbouring states. 

4.  Know the history

Goa’s history is long and colorful. The state has seen many empires rise and fall. Most recent history involved the rule of Portuguese who’ve left behind their legacy on the streets, the architecture and cuisine. Here are some of the popular places to see in Goa that you must visit

-Vasco da Gama



-Basílica de Bom Jesus

-Naval Aviation Museum

-Dudhsagar Waterfalls

5. Wander around the local markets

With its vibrant flea markets to luxurious malls, Goa will bring out the shopaholic in you. Here are some of the places that you can visit shop to your heart's content

Arjuna Flea Market

Mapusa Market

Panjim Market

Calangute Square Market

Night markets:

Mackie’s Night Bazaar

Ingo’s Saturday Night Bazaar

Baga Market


Best Time to visit Goa         

The best time to visit Goa is between the months of November to February. Not only do these months witness good weather, a few festivals also occur during this time making it an ideal time to visit Goa. Christmas, New year are celebrated grandly in Goa. And if you are a music fan, them you’d be aware about the Sunburn festival that happens here. If you are planning your holiday in Goa during this season, make sure you book your Goa holiday package in advance as the prices quickly increase.   

From March to May, Goa experiences summer season. The summers in Goa are super hot and humid. Whereas from june to october, the monsoon occurs. If you want to spend sometime by the beach then this time is not recommended for your holiday in goa.      

All in all, Goa makes for the best place to go on a vacation in India.Whether you are searching for holiday packages in Goa for couples or an adventurous holiday in Goa, there is a state full of good time waiting for you. Check out our goa tour packages to get amazing holiday packages that are customizable.

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