Gold coast holiday package

Gold Coast is the best destination in Australia for all the beach lovers. But that is not its only attraction, you also have some exciting theme parks, national parks, museums, and water sports activities here to indulge yourself in.

So, if you looking for some quiet and peace or if you are looking for some water adventure thrill, Gold Coast is the place to go. You will easily find a good Australia Gold Coast holiday package to include the best attractions in this gorgeous city.

Best Time to Visit Gold Coast

Although you might want to make the most of your Summer vacation on the beaches of Gold Coast, this time is actually unpredictable and you might experience extremely hot and uncomfortable weather here. Also, it can be crowded because of the Summer holidays as most families come here to relax for a week or two.

So, if you are looking for some quiet and solitude along with cheap Gold Coast holiday packages then visiting from April to May would be advisable. The weather is pleasant at that time and you get to avail discounts and cheap prices on accommodations and other activities.

Places to Include in your Gold Coast Holiday Package

There are a few places that will be and should be a part of your Australia Gold Coast Holiday Package.

Springbrook National Park

Although Gold Coast is popular for its beaches and theme parks, it is not just limited to these attractions. It is also home to a UNESCO World Heritage site, Springbrook National Park, which is one of the most amazing places to visit in the Gold Coast.

You can explore the ancient volcano here along with the beautiful natural bridge cave and the waterfall which does make for an excellent Instagram-worthy picture backdrop.

Surfers Paradise Beach

A popular beach in Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise beach is perfect for all kinds of people. Kids can make sandcastles here, surfers can get on their boards here, couples can stroll here during evening light or you can simply relax and tan on the beach.

Warner Bros Movie World

Another popular destination to visit in Gold Coast with your family is the Warner Bros Movie World which is a paradise for cartoon geeks and kids. You can let your inner child out here and meet your favorite superheroes or spend some time on the exciting rides here.

Wet ‘n’ Wild

One of the most famous water parks in Australia, Wet ‘n’ Wild is the biggest water park in the world and sees million visitors annually. Here, you can ride on some exciting and thrilling rides like Kamikaze, Black Hole, Tornado, etc. and is a fun place for people of all ages and sizes.

Logan Village Museum

You will find a few museums in Gold Coast which are interesting and fascinating to visit and one such museum is in the tiny Logan village. This museum tells the local tales of several nearby areas and you can meet the families of several founding members still in this village who love to share their own local tales and knowledge.

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