Istanbul tour package

 The Turkish city of Istanbul is situated on either side of the Bosporus Strait that separates Asia and Europe. Straddling the two continents, Istanbul is a dizzying mix of modern and ancient that offers an amazing holiday to the tourists. From a vibrant nightlife to age-old mosques, from traditional restaurants to tantalizing spice markets, Istanbul appeals to all the senses. Here are some of the top things to do and see you can experience in an Istanbul tour package.

The Hagia Sophia is one of the main tourist attractions in Istanbul. This byzantine basilica museum was built in the middle ages and is adorned with mesmerizing mosaics and a massive dome. The iconic Blue Mosque, Sultan Ahmed Mosque is another must-see tourist attraction in Istanbul. Accompanied by its six sky-piercing minarets, the mosque is one of the most visited places in Turkey. Next, Topkapi Palace is yet another magnificent sight that you shouldn’t miss when you are visiting Istanbul. The Palace’s top attractions include Harem, the treasury and the weapons room. The underground Basilica Cistern and Dolmabahce Palace are two more fascinating architectural marvels and tourist attractions in Istanbul. To get a wholesome Experience of this ancient city, take a tour of the Grand Bazaar. This market is over 500 years old and has no less than 5000 shops including 60 Restaurants, 18 fountains and 12 mosques. Apart from the numerous amazing things to do in Istanbul, the city also boasts a vibrant nightlife. You could be enjoying a drink of your choice from a rooftop or enjoying a live performance by the locals. Whether you want to visit Istanbul in January or any other month there will be plenty of things to do in this city of Turkey.     

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