Italy 5 Days Itinerary

With its stunning landscapes, artistic treasures, and mouth-watering cuisine, Italy is the top tourist destination across the entire world. This is why you would see a lot of people taking Italy tours from India to spend some time in this paradise with their family or significant others.

And due to its rich heritage, monuments, and romantic destinations, it also a favorite honeymoons spot for most newlywed couples out there. But this place is just not for couples or families, travelers can come here solo or in groups too to explore this beautiful country and have a hard time returning back to their country.

After all, who would want to leave this incredible country after spending time at the magnificent Colosseum, enchanting Alps mountains, and the grand architectural churches in the Vatican city? And while a lifetime isn’t enough to explore this amazing land, sometimes you are bound by duty and responsibility and have only a week with you to explore this destination.

Lucky for you, there are several Italy tour packages for 5 days which ensure that you get the best of this place in a short time. Read on to know more about the best time to visit and itinerary if you are planning an Italy trip from India anytime soon.

Best Time to Visit Italy

Due to the diverse geography and climate, Italy is a good place to visit throughout the year. You will easily find some interesting activity or a gorgeous city/countryside/beach town to visit all through the year. So, you can plan your Italy trip from India whenever you want and can plan ahead by looking for suitable Italy tours from India.

However, depending on your purpose of visit and budget, there are different ideal times to visit this beautiful country. Ideally, the best time to visit Italy is in the Spring season, i.e., April to June or in the Fall season, i.e., September to October. But, if you wish to avoid the crowds and want to enjoy a pleasant weather on your visit here then it would be advisable to plan an Italy trip from India between April and May or around mid-September.

You will find that the climate is pleasant at this time and the prices are not as high as in summer season. And you can enjoy the places more peacefully, without having to fight the hordes of tourists.

For people who love shopping, Italy is a paradise as you get the trendiest and most stylish products here to choose from. However, it can turn out to be expensive if you don’t plan your shopping spree during the sales time. Make sure that you look for good Italy tours from India during the winter or summer sales which usually occur in January-February and July-August.

Also, if you don’t mind the cold and would actually love to attend the Piazza Navona Christmas Market then November-January is a good time to visit Italy. This is also a great time to explore Venice and enjoy a smooth and romantic gondola ride.

5-Day Itinerary for an Italy Trip from India

So, now that you have a better idea of what to expect in Italy during different seasons, you can look for a good Italy tour package for 5 days for a wonderful time in this country. Here is an itinerary that you can follow to cover a few major cities in Italy.


Aka The Eternal City, which is also currently the capital of Italy is a complex city with both historic and modern side to it. This place is particularly famous for the ancient Roman structures, the Vatican City, and the Roman culture which can be easily seen by spending a day or two here. Rome has been a prominent center for religion, power, and culture for over 2,500 years which is why it is one of the top tourist attractions in Italy.

There is so much to see and do here, from exploring the romantic plazas to admiring the gorgeous cathedrals and museums, that it might take you years to fully cover this place. So, make sure that you opt for a good Rome tour package from India if you don’t want to miss out any important monument or cultural aspect in this city.

Itinerary for Rome: Once you land in Rome, head towards your hotel to check-in and then get ready to explore this beautiful city. You can start by making your way to the Piazza Venezia where you will stumble upon the magnificent monument that was dedicated to the late King Victor Emanuel II. After that, you can walk towards the Piazza Del Campidoglio which is a creation of Michelangelo and offers the most amazing view of the Roman Forum.

Further, you can explore the Basilica of St. Paul which will leave you speechless with its beautiful interiors. You can also check out the different cafes and street food vendors in Rome to enjoy the delicious Italian cuisine which includes the world-famous gelato too.

In the evening, make your way to the famous Trevi Fountain which is extremely beautiful and has a popular legend associated with it. It is said that anyone who throws a coin in this fountain is guaranteed to return to Rome someday.

Finally, you take the night tour of the imposing Colosseum which is one of the most famous attractions in Italy. This historical monument remains crowded throughout the day so if you want to explore this place peacefully, an exclusive night tour is the best way to go about it.

After having a nice dinner, you can choose to retire to your hotel or stroll around the streets at leisure. Choose a good Rome tour package from India if you want to avoid the hassle of buying tickets and making the transfers in Rome.

Vatican City

Located in the heart of Rome, The Vatican City is the smallest state in Europe which is under the jurisdiction of the current Pope. This place is filled with history and culture and is a paradise for art lovers as you can witness the most intricate art and architecture when visiting this small state.

You have numerous churches, chapels, museums, squares, etc. to explore here which can easily take an entire day of your Italy tour. So, in order to get the best of this state in a single day, it is important that you choose the best Italy tours from India.

Itinerary for Vatican City: On your second day of Italy tour, start early in the morning to visit the famous Vatican City. Here, you will spend time at the magnificent St. Peter’s Basilica which is one of the largest churches in the world and is the burial ground for deceased popes.

Next, you head to the Vatican Museums which will give you access to the Sistine Chapel, Raphael Rooms, Chapel of Beato Angelica, and so on. Spend some time at the Sistine Chapel, which is one of the major attractions of the Vatican City, and was designed by the talented Michelangelo. Also, don’t forget to spend some time at the St. Peter’s Square, one of the distinguished squares in the world.

After exploring Vatican City, you can return to your hotel neighbourhood and spend some time exploring the cafes and shops in Rome.


Best known for its Renaissance art and architecture, Florence is the capital of the Tuscany region and is undoubtedly one of the most gorgeous cities in Italy. Florence is also known for producing some really amazing writers, artists, inventors, etc. and is also credited for inventing opera which has become famous worldwide now.

Florence sees thousands of tourists every year and is best explored on foot. So, if you are looking for Italy tours from India then make sure that it also includes Florence in its itinerary because visiting the churches, bridges, and squares of Florence is a must when visiting Italy.

Itinerary for Florence: After leaving Rome, proceed to Florence where you will be presented with the most gorgeous architecture and churches. On the way, you will also stumble upon some beautiful landscape which you can stop at for a few minutes to revel in.

Once you reach Florence, head to the famous Piazzale Michelangelo which is one of the most popular sites in Florence, offering you a beautiful view of the city.

Then, make your way to the Piazza della Signoria which houses some of the most beautiful artifacts and sculptures like the Fountain of Neptune, a replica of the Michelangelo’s Statue of David, Hercules, and so on. You can also make your way to some other important landmarks like Palazzo Vecchio, the Loggia de Lanzi, Ponte Vecchio Bridge, and so on.

Palazzo Vecchio is an ancient grand palace which currently serves as both museum and town hall and is home to most intricate artifacts and architectural interior designs. Ponte Vecchio is the oldest and the most photographed bridges of Florence which spans over the Arno river and has high-end jewellery shops flanking both of its ends.

And finally, head to the majestic Santa Maria del Fiore which is a domed cathedral which has a gothic design. Due to its elaborate interiors of mosaics, bronze statues, frescoes, etc. it sees a lot of tourists every day and is one of the most prominent attractions in Florence.

Once you have explored the entire city, you can stroll around the river or the gardens here and just enjoy the hustle bustle of this lively beautiful city.


One of the best and most romantic places to visit in Italy has to be Venice which is surrounded by the Adriatic Sea and is essentially built on top of a lagoon. Venice is situated in the northeastern part of Italy and is an archipelago of 118 islands which are all connected via gorgeous canals and picturesque bridges.

The Grand Canal is the most famous canal here which divides Venice into two separate sections. Due to its historic architecture and vibrant waterways, Venice is known to be the most romantic cities in the world. As a result, you will find that most Spain and Italy tour package from India will include a visit to this romantic landscape and allow you to experience a refreshing gondola ride through the water canals.

Itinerary for Venice: Leave from Florence to reach Venice and spend 2 days here, amidst the gorgeous and vibrant landscapes. On the way, you can stop at the Ferrari museum where you can learn the history of this gorgeous car. After arriving in Venice, enjoy the Vaporetto bus ride to explore the canals while reaching the Venice island.

Then, proceed to the famous St. Mark’s square and enter the amazing basilica where you will learn about the history of this place. You can spend the day exploring the magnificent palaces and churches here and can enjoy a gelato overlooking the Adriatic Sea. And in the evening, you can take a Gondola ride to admire the waterways of Venice and the evening light which basks the entire city and makes it even more magical to look at.

Next day, you can head to the Alilaguna’s pier at the St. Mark’s waterfront to take a boat to the Island Murano. In the Murano glass factory, you will learn about the antique process of glass making. Then, you can proceed to the Island Burano which is famous for lace making. This fisher island is coated with strong, vibrant colors which makes it a paradise for photography enthusiasts.

You can then continue to the island Torcello where you can experience the Venetian past and explore the old Cathedral here.

Finally, you can head back to the airport to catch your flight back to India and end your Italy trip from India.

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