Maldives honeymoon package from Chennai

Maldives is known for the one of most luxurious holiday destination. It is located in the south west of India and Sri Lanka. Since Maldives is said to be the most romantic place for couples in the world, a lot of people plan their honeymoon trips to Maldives right after their marriage. Tourism to this paradise on earth is the main source of income for the Maldivians. There is a group of various small islands forming a series structure. 
 So how do you reach Maldives? Well, there are connecting Flights to Maldives from Major cities of India. But if you want a direct flight to this beautiful place, you can take it directly from Kerala.  Moreover, if you want to plan your honeymoon there than there are a lot of Maldives honeymoon package from Chennai, you can visit various travel website out there as they provide trips at a reasonable price with attractive discount offers too. There are various exciting things for honeymooners to do in Maldives such as:

Go Diving or Snorkeling: If you wish to get goosebumps rushing on your body, Naifaru is the place for you. This island is 142 km north of the capital city of Maldives. You can enjoy diving and snorkeling together to explore the variety and color of marine life. If you want to make it utterly special and memorable honeymoon trip, diving is the best option for you as you can witness colorful Fishes, Eagle Rays, Turtles, Mantas, and Dolphins.   

Submarine Ride: By discovering the beautiful ocean in an amazing submarine ride you can add new energy to your romantic day. The submarine ride is one of a fun thing, unique and creative thing to do on a honeymoon with your partner. You can spend an amazing time with your love while exploring an extraordinary array of colors, fish and plant life. Usually, they offer a 45-minute ride to make it the perfect underwater and adventure sports destination for you.

Romantic Massage: While exploring the sandy beaches, you can also indulge in the refreshing couple massages with your partner. This spa will leave you in a completely clear and restful state of mind and body. Under sun-kissed beaches and luxurious resorts, you will surely experience breathtaking view of the beautiful water and sky purring across the shore. You may try the Reethi Rah spa, per aquarium Huvafen Fushi or Six Senses Laamu.

Plan a date with your love underwater: What can be more wonderful than planning a date with your partner underwater in this restaurant which is the world's first glass undersea eatery. It provides great scenery that you can enjoy while having your meal, all without getting wet. Also, you can visit this beautiful place in the daytime; however it looks splendid at night. It translates into underwater yet in-room dining provided throughout your stay by the marine inhabitants just outside your aquarium restaurant.

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