Paris honeymoon package

Paris is well-known as the most romantic city in the world so it only makes sense that the city sees a lot of couples here on their honeymoon. After all, who would want to miss a romantic walk beside the river Seine at night? But, did you know that Paris in December is even more magical and romantic with a little frost to accompany you?

That’s right! So, make sure that you choose a Paris honeymoon package for December to truly surprise your partner and make it a vacation to remember.

What to Expect in Paris in December?

Although Paris is a year-round season, as you have something unique to witness in each season, winter is the best time to visit Paris. This is because this is off-season so you will find prices greatly reduced here and Christmas celebrations are usually in full throw.

Paris in December is beautiful and enchanting as the air is frosty which makes it perfect to have a hot cup of cocoa. And since it is off-se ason, you see fewer crowds everywhere, allowing you to enjoy the moment without sharing it with anyone else.

Places to Explore in Paris in December on Honeymoon

Make sure that you don’t miss out on these places in your Paris honeymoon package if you want to experience a romantic time in the City of Light!

The Louvre

The Louvre Museum is a must-visit place on your honeymoon in Paris, regardless of the fact whether you are art lovers or not. It has the most beautiful and magnificent architecture and numerous beautiful artworks to observe. You can find Mona Lisa, Venus Di Milo, Cupid, etc. here which makes it one of the most romantic places in entire Paris city.


Disneyland is not just for kids and if you or your partner are true Disney fans then this place should definitely be in your Paris honeymoon package. You can spend a day here enjoying each other’s company and transporting back to childhood and then end it with a romantic dinner here.

Eiffel Tower

One of the most romantic monuments in Paris, Eiffel Tower has seen multiple love stories and heartbreaks and has become a beacon of hope for the romantics. So, it is a given that on a honeymoon trip, one has to spend a romantic evening near Eiffel Towers for a true Parisian experience.

River Seine

Another romantic place that should be a part of your Paris honeymoon package is River Seine where you can stroll in the evening. Or enjoy a nice time while sitting on one of the benches, observing other couples as they dance with passion and love.

Wall of ‘I Love Yous’

On a honeymoon trip, a visit to the wall of ‘I Love Yous’ is essential as this wall has ‘I love you’ written in more than 250 languages. Nowadays, it has become a popular meeting point lovers and is a great place to take pointers for confessing your love to your partner.

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