Prague Tour Packages

Spending your winter holiday in Prague is not really a bad idea. This beautiful city has a lot to offer and visiting Prague in January would make you fall head over heels. Prague tour packages let you enjoy the spellbinding charm of the city during this frosty season when the white powder can be seen on every rooftop and boots crunch in the snow-covered cobbled street. 
Old Town with its colourful buildings, adorable cafes and little souvenir shops should never be missed when you are here. The City Hall in the heart of Old Town is one of the most significant monuments, built in the 14th century. Another fascinating site to witness in Old Town is the Orloj. It is the iconic astronomical clock and witnessing its impressive mechanism is one of the most striking things to do in Prague.
Ice skating is one of the best activities to indulge in when you are in Prague during the Czech winter. There are several ice skating rinks that pop up in different locations and give the perfect winter vibe. Whirling in the snow and getting your heart pumped is simply fun during the vacation in Prague. Try this activity in Old Town, Na Frantisku, Tower Ice Park and many more. Feeling cold? You can also enjoy indoor ice skating in Prague.
Celebrating New Year in the Czech capital is a memorable event.  Welcoming New Year with fireworks at midnight is quite an experience in the City of a Hundred Spires.  Enjoy these firework displays with a cruise ride on the Vltava River and indulge in good food and wine. A few of the other well-known spots for witnessing beautiful firework displays during New Year's Eve is two of the largest squares namely Old Town and Wenceslas. 
Willing to explore the history, art, music and culture of the Czech capital? Head to some of the hottest museums and get to know the fascinating history of Czechoslovakia. The National Museum houses historic collections and is a major attraction in the city. Most of the museums are located in the Old Town. However, the museums on Castle Hill should not be missed. After the museum visit, you can always warm yourself with some mulled wine from the Svarak stalls that are open around the city during the cold weather. 
Another amazing thing to do in Prague in January is to embrace the panoramic view from the enchanting Prague Castle. The castle ground is often covered with layers of snow that make it look like a fairyland. Visit the St. Vitus Cathedral which is an architectural masterpiece and the spiritual symbol of the Czech nation.
Prague in January is surely a magical holiday experience. There are some of the hidden gems in the city that can only be witnessed in the colder months. It is not only one of the most spectacular cities in Europe but also budget-friendly and Prague tour packages let you explore the city with all its beauty. 


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