Sikkim Holiday Packages

One tour a year is an inclusive planning that all of us aspire to approach. But as a matter of the fact, a very few people ultimately bang on this idea. We know that you got some barriers in time. Your hectic schedule of working moments and other responsibilities keeps you so busy that you stand not to enjoy a nice trip. Hence we admire to hold a philosophy in life, i.e. when you think it, just make it happen without giving it a second thought. Let's drop all those hidden limitations this time, and plan a tour to Sikkim this December.

Seasons in Sikkim
Sikkim is very comfortable in terms of weather. Majority of the days in Sikkim holds lesser humidity, hotness, and cyclone. But still, there is a huge diversity in the seasonal aspect of Sikkim. It has got five seasons. Autumn and spring are highly arguable times recommending Sikkim visiting. Autumn is beautiful in Sikkim. Getting the view of the white and clear sky, with amazing scenarios of mighty Himalayan hills, is great to witness. On the other hand, spring is beautifully decorated with flowers of different hues. You will feel a distinct aura in the air and everything is colourful at that time. Basically, the autumn takes place in months from October to November. And springs happens in the months of April to May. 
There is a rumour about the state, that Sikkim has bad summer days. Summer and monsoon months are best in the heart of Sikkim. The tourist engagement is good and enjoyable. These seasons are best for watching beautiful birds, which are rarely seen in the other times, and also the astonishing waterfall scenarios. The summer comes in between March to June. And the monsoon becomes active during the month of July to September. 

Why Sikkim in this December!
So far we have talked about all the seasons of Sikkim, rather than the most attractive one, which is winter. Sikkim has comparatively cooler and pleasant weather than many other places in India. Tourists are big-time fond of visiting Sikkim in the winters as because their state basically runs through a summer that time. The winter in Sikkim attracts most of the people due to its abundant snowfall. Experiencing such a remarkable scenario of snowfall in India is certainly not possible in other states. The feeling that the months of December to February gives is completely a different impression of your holidays. Most of the Sikkim holiday packages are sold in this time. 
You can visit places like Gurudongmar Lake, Teesta River, Zuluk etc. during winter. The Gurudongmar Lake is known as "the partially frozen wonder" in the states of Sikkim. People who visit Sikkim, they never miss going to this lake. And Zuluk is known as "the winding roads to heaven." You get professional guides here, therefore going Sikkim as a couple, or with family, both are safe and easy to accomplish. The Sikkim holiday packages are available with different combinations. So buy your Sikkim holiday package today and stay tuned with our blog updates for more information.

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