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In November, Sri Lanka experiences monsoon season which is unpredictable so you never know what to expect. There might be cyclones or clear weather in Sri Lanka in November which is why people often wait for December to make a trip. However, if you want to visit Sri Lanka during offseason and want to avail some Sri Lanka budget tours then November is the best time.

What to expect in Sri Lanka in November?

You can still visit the beaches in Sri Lanka in November as the southern and western coasts receive less rainfall compared to the rest of the island. And by the end of November, the monsoon completely ceases in these parts of the islands. You might experience some sunny time on the beaches but there is no guarantee.
Usually, it is a good idea to visit cities like Galle in November as there is a lot of things to see apart from the beaches here. You can also book Sri Lanka budget tours to explore Galle Fort, Colombo city, Negombo, etc.
If Deepavali is in November then you will have an amazing chance to see the cultural side of Sri Lanka during this festival of lights. 
While Sri Lanka in November is not really a great idea as this is the wettest month on this island, you can still explore this tropical island. You can visit places like Galle, Bentota, Colombo, Horton Plain National Park, etc. to enjoy your trip in November.

Things to Do in Sri Lanka in November

As mentioned before, this is not an ideal month to visit Sri Lanka. However, if you don’t have any option then you can still visit this place to enjoy. You will also come across several Sri Lanka budget tours which will include an assortment of activities like:

Visit the Horton Plain National Park

If you love rolling hills and trekking in cold climate then a trip to Horton Plain National Park could be a great idea. It will be chilly in November but walking in this park is a great experience and you might also see a few animals on the way.

Take a tour of Colombo and Bentota

You will find several Sri Lanka budget tours to Colombo and Bentota which will give you the true feel of these west coast cities. Colombo is great for partying while Bentota is quiet and peaceful, offering you both beach and waterfall time.

Explore Paddy Fields in Sri Lanka

November is the best time to watch the seeding process here and explore the beautiful paddy fields. You might also get to witness some elaborate rituals which are usually performed for preparation of the field or the harvesting season.

Relax at the Southern and Eastern Coast Beaches

Finally, it might be fewer days when the sun shines brightly on the southern beaches but it is not impossible. So, you can relax and enjoy on the southern and western coast beaches without having it to share with a horde of tourists.

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