Switzerland itinerary 9 days

Switzerland itinerary 9 days

Switzerland has some really amazing panoramic views and attractions which makes it a popular honeymoon destination for a lot of Indians. So, if you are planning a honeymoon trip to this beautiful European city then it is always better to opt for a package for a hassle-free journey.

You will find good Switzerland honeymoon packages from Bangalore for 9 days which will cover most of the major landmarks and activities here.

Best Time to Visit

Although the climate varies in Switzerland with the altitude, the best time to visit Switzerland remains to be summer. If you want to experience both the summer and the snowfall then May and October are the best months to visit this European country.

In summer, you will observe vast green landscapes along with some exciting festivals to enjoy. This makes summer the perfect time to take a Switzerland honeymoon package from Bangalore and bask in the magic of this place.

In the winter time, you can enjoy skiing, snowboarding, and other winter sports here which is perfect for the adventurous couples.

Places to Visit in Switzerland

Switzerland is small but there are still several beautiful cities and villages to visit here. So, make sure that you include these amazing places in your Switzerland itinerary for 9 days if you truly wish to experience the real Switzerland.


Zurich is the second largest city in Switzerland and has a certain charm about it even though it is filled with high-end streets and shops. Here, you will learn more about the pre-medieval history of this place while enjoying a vibrant nightlife which makes this an ideal destination for honeymoon couples.


One of the most romantic places, Interlaken should definitely be on your Switzerland itinerary for 9 days. You can visit the magical Grindelwald from here or you can enjoy a few scenic hiking trails here as well. There are several day trips also from this beautiful town which to places like Jungfraujoch, Lake Thun, Lake Brienz, etc. which makes it a popular tourist spot.


Lucern has a beautiful cobalt-colored lake which is surrounded by the mountains which makes it a really romantic spot for couples. You can also cruise along this lake at night and can explore the beautiful historic houses and bridges for a magical time in this town.


The cultural capital of Switzerland, Bern is another place that you cannot miss out on your Switzerland honeymoon package from Bangalore. Here, you will be introduced to medieval museums and clock towers and can take a breather from the other crowded cities and towns of Switzerland.


Finally, there is the stunning Geneva city and its lake which cannot be missed when you are a romantic tour of Switzerland. You can explore the gorgeous lakeside castle named Chateau de Chillon here. And, you can also enjoy the stunning mountain views along with the beautiful countryside landscapes.

Geneva is a place straight out of the fairy-tale books which makes it a perfect spot for your honeymoon trip.

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