Turkey itinerary 7 days

Turkey is a land of wonders, not because it holds some of the most marvelous architectures ever, but because it is one of the few countries to have parts both in the Asian and European continent. This country has something to offer all kinds of travelers which is why it is such a popular vacation destination.

From exploring the historical ruins here to taking an Air Balloon ride, this country has a lot to offer. You just need to be willing to take a chance and look at the best Turkey holiday packages before making the choice. Also, make sure that you plan a Turkey itinerary for 7 days or more if you want to truly see and experience this country without hurrying.

Best Time to Visit Turkey

If you want to avoid tourists and explore Turkey in a pleasant weather then the best time to visit Turkey is April to June or October to November.  During this time, you won’t experience as much rainfall which makes it the perfect time to visit.

You will experience warm and sunny days during that time which is perfect for exploring.  Avoid the summer months i.e., July to September in Turkey as it can be extremely hot and crowded. You will also notice that hotels and activities become expensive at this time. You can look for the Turkey holiday packages and include all the places and activities that you would like to cover here.

Places to Include in your Turkey Itinerary of 7 Days

Here are a few places that should definitely be a part of your Turkey Holiday Packages.


If unique rock formations and landscapes are something that interests you then you have to visit Cappadocia. Here, you will find rock structures in the form of cones, pinnacles, etc. which is quite fascinating to look at and was formed after years of erosion and volcanic eruption.

You will also discover here several churches and undercover cities which were formed by carving the soft rock. It is truly a wonder and trip to Turkey without a visit here is surely incomplete.


An eternally famous destination due to the presence of the white calcite terraces is Pamukkale, another frequently visited destination in Turkey. The white terraces are overrun by mineral-rich waters which is definitely a sight to see.

Also, just above these terraces lies Hierapolis which was a Roman and Byzantine spa city. You can explore the numerous ruins and museums here to spend a few days in Pamukkale.


Istanbul is one of the most vibrant cities of Turkey which has a lot to offer in terms of activities and sightseeing. Since this is one of the largest cities in the world and has a narrow strait which connects both Asia and Europe continent, it is a popular tourist destination as well.

Here, you can marvel at the gorgeous historic sites, architecture, or you can enjoy its wonderful nightlife and shopping experience to truly discover Turkey. So, a Turkey itinerary for 7 days should definitely include Turkey’s largest city in it.

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