Warner Bros Studio Tour

If you are a Harry Potter fan, nothing can be more overwhelming than visiting the magnificent Warner Bros. Studio in London. Enjoy winter festivities with the Warner Bros. Studio Tour. The weather of England in November tends to get colder and is often characterized by low temperature. However, the studio will be beautifully decorated for Christmas from mid-November till December and there would be wonderful events taking place that you would not want to miss.

Warner Bros. Studio is situated in the northwest of London and you can easily reach the studio via public transportation from Watford Junction. However, the tour tickets must be booked in advance. As winter has already arrived at Hogwarts, you can witness festive transformations everywhere in the studio. Beautiful Christmas trees line the enchanting Great Wall with shimmering icicles and sparkling snow, stages are decorated for the popular Yule Ball and the huge dining tables are set for the seasonal feasts with a replica of Christmas pudding, turkey roast as well as hams with cherries. The Boy’s Dormitory and Gryffindor Common Room are also decorated with impressive Christmas cards. 

As you are visiting the studio during November, you would be able to witness the fireplaces which are lit with special light effects. The Hogwarts castle model is covered with a layer of artificial snow and seeing this you can only wish to stay in one of the dormitories during your winter holiday. Thus, the entire Warner Bros. Studio and the ambience give the feeling that you are already in one of the Harry Potter movies.
You can even enjoy a tour of the Dursley house in Privet Drive where it all started. The outer shots were basically filmed in Surrey, England. However, the interior set of the house can be witnessed in this classic Hollywood studio. You can walk into Petunia and Vernon‘s living room and witness those unpleasing sofa sets, horrible curtains and also the cupboard under the staircase where Harry used to spend the nights before leaving for Hogwarts. Although the house brings back dreadful memories, it is also the place where Harry received the letters from Hogwarts and his magical journey had begun.

Diagon Alley has a unique magical vibe and walking down the wizarding alley in the Warner Bros. Studio is an amazing experience. This place will take you back to the world of the wizards and witches with enchanting wears and magical shops. When you see the real setting of the Diagon Alley, you would surely admire its beauty. Visiting the wizarding alley in the winter months would give you the opportunity to witness Harry’s footprints in the snow when he was wearing the Invisible Cloak.

Warner Bros. Studio Tour in the month November is fun and experiencing this magical world of Harry Potter with your family is indeed bliss. A vacation to England in November and visiting the Warner Bros. Studio is the highlight of the tour and if you are a Potterhead, the happiness level is infinite.

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